Here is a list of all known potions and how to craft them.
Potion Making
Potion Making Ingredients

Varia Potion – Imp Wings, Fire Essence, Hydra Fangs (Water/normal) – the affected can withstand temperatures as low as -60 or as high as 150

Elixir of Healing – Human Flesh, Vampire Fangs, Angel Wings (Light) – Heals 13 health

Elixir of Dark Striking – Demon Flesh, Shade Essence, Saber Teeth (Earth) – Your next attack deals 25 dark magic damage

Poison of Freeze Time – Imp Wings, Golem Goo, Ground Hydra Fangs (Ice/normal) – the affected is frozen in time

Potion of Mind Breaking – Demon Flesh, Dwarf Flesh, Minotaur Horns (Ice) – Target loses the ability to use skills or abilities for 2 turns

Poison of Internal Bleeding – Hydra Flesh, Fire Essence, Shade Essence (Ice) – Applies Bleed Effect

Poison of Intense Drowning – Bat Wings, Hydra Flesh, Human Flesh (Dark/normal) – Inflicts the drown debuff: Water damage has a 5% to out right kill you and a 15% to do double damage to you

Poison of Soul Shocking – Hydra Flesh, Static Fiend Wings, Battery Acid (Lightning) – Affected takes 5 lightning magic damage every single combat turn

Poison of Woe – Worm Guts, Human Flesh, Saber Tooth (Dark) – Affected takes ten bonus physical damage each one of its turns for every debuff it has on it, including this one

Poison of Being High as Fuck – Minotaur Horns, Demon Flesh, Saber Teeth (Ice/normal) – It’s basically like doing a metric fuckton of weed!


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