Freedom Fighter:
Freedom Fighter Lv 1 Skill – Brothers In Arms – Passive – When an adjacent ally attacks an enemy adjacent to him, you may also strike that enemy with an empowered auto attack, which deals an additional 2d6 physical damage.
Freedom Fighter Lv 2 Skill – Lend A Hand – Once per combat major – Heal an ally for 2d6, then that ally can immediately use one of their skills or auto attack.
Freedom Fighter Lv 2 Skill – Shatter The Shackles – Once per combat major – Remove a debuff from an ally any distance away, then attack an adjacent enemy, dealing d20 physical damage and applying the same debuff to your target.
Freedom Fighter Lv 3 Skill – Charge To Victory – Once per combat major – You and an adjacent ally may dash up to five spaces. After you both dash, if you are still adjacent to each other, you both may deal d12 physical damage to adjacent targets.
Freedom Fighter Lv 3 Skill – Caught In Crossfire – Once per combat major reaction – If an ally is about to take damage, you may jump to that ally and reflect all damage back at the attacker, then follow up with your own auto attack or skill.
Freedom Fighter Lv 3 Skill – Return To Glory – Once per combat major – Attack an adjacent enemy, dealing physical damage equal to the total missing health from the entire party, then heal the party for d6.
Freedom Fighter Lv 4 Skill – Strike the Core – Once per combat major – Attack an adjacent enemy for d20 physical damage, then have all adjacent allies attack that enemy with a basic attack or skill (they may ignore range limits).
Freedom Fighter Lv 4 Skill – Thwart Their Plans – Once per combat major – Attack an adjacent enemy, dealing 2d12 physical damage. That enemy loses its next turn, and you may grant an adjacent ally an additional, immediate turn.
Freedom Fighter Lv 4 Skill – Hold Your Ground – Once per combat major – Select two other party members. The three of you all become vigilant. Vigilant party members will automatically use a basic attack or a skill on any enemy that enters, passes through, or leaves a space adjacent to them.
Freedom Fighter Lv 4 Skill – Comrades For Life – Passive – Your AC increases by the amount of total AC of all adjacent allies. Once per turn, increase an adjacent ally’s AC by 1 (this is a free action).
Freedom Fighter Ultimate Skill – Fight for Freedom – 20 hour cooldown – All party members may move up to six spaces from their current position. Then you may select one of the following party buffs: Double Physical Damage or Double Magic Damage. Then every party member may use a single skill or auto attack on any targets regardless of range.

Champion Lv 1 Skill Sky Sunder Once per combat major – Slash upwards and deal d20 physical damage. No one can react to this hit, and the target is knocked up. Then, you may optionally jump into the air and slash downwards and your opponent, sending him into the ground and dealing 3d20 physical damage. This hit can be reacted to, and the target is no longer knocked up.
Champion Lv 2 Skill – Scatter Blade – Once per combat major – Slash all eight spaces around you for d20 physical damage, knocking all enemies hit back four spaces. Then, you may optionally dash to a space adjacent to one target enemy that had been knocked back, and deal d20 physical damage to that target.
Champion Lv 2 Skill – Terror Smash – Once per combat major – Smash an adjacent enemy into the ground, dealing d20 physical damage and grounding them. Grounded enemies cannot move, dash, or fly. Then, you may optionally deal 3d20 physical damage to that enemy and unground them. A grounded enemy becomes ungrounded at the end of its turn.
Champion Lv 3 Skill – Reflect Slash – Once per combat major reaction – If you take damage from an adjacent enemy, you may reflect an equal amount of physical damage back and stun that enemy. Stunned enemies lose their next turn. Then, you may optionally strike that enemy for 2d20 physical damage and unstun them.
Champion Lv 3 Skill – Sweeping Blade – Once per combat major – Slash at the legs of an enemy, dealing d20 physical damage and making the next hit they take do double damage. Then, you may optionally slash again to deal d20 physical damage.
Champion Lv 3 Skill – Jump Strike – Once per combat major – Jump up to five spaces forward, then strike an adjacent enemy for d20 physical damage. Then, you may either deal another 2d20 physical damage OR send that enemy flying back to your original position.
Champion Lv 4 Skill – Skull Bash – Once per combat major – Smack your enemy upside his fool head and deal d20 physical damage. That enemy will be confused, having a 50% chance to deal damage to itself when it tries to do an action. Then, you may optionally deal 2d20 physical damage to that enemy and unconfuse them. Confusion will naturally wear off at the end of that enemy’s turn.
Champion Lv 4 Skill – Furious Barrage – Once per combat major – You become furious. When you are furious, you cannot use any actions, and you take half damage. At any time, you may release your fury and deal Xd20 physical damage to any enemy, where X is the number of turns that you were furious.
Champion Lv 4 Skill – Hardened Warrior – Passive – If your health is full, your effective AC is doubled, you cannot be forcibly moved or made to lose actions or turns, and your actions do not trigger on hit reactions such as counters.
Champion Lv 4 Skill – Are You Not Entertained? – Passive – Your physical attacks deal bonus physical damage equal to your missing health.
Champion Ultimate Skill – Kingslayer – 20 hour cooldown – Your attacks ignore AC, and all Champion skills will maintain their CC effects through the second hit. You inflict double damage, and your attacks have a chance to instant kill targets. You may optionally end this skill with a 10d20 physical damage attack combo on a single target. That target will be feared and will not be able to deal physical damage to you until the end of its third turn after getting hit with this skill.

Power Suit:
You gain the Power Suit, a full suit of armor (includes all eight equipment slots). Each equipment slot is replaced by 1 Customization Slot. You may install specific customizations to each slot and you may change the installation as a minor in combat. More customizations are unlocked by purchasing Customization Packs with AP. The possible customizations are listed below (the suit defaults to the first listed):
Head – Armor (2 AC), Invis (Once per combat, become invisible), Chaos Rejection (10% chance to cut incoming magic damage in half)
Chest – Armor (
2 AC), Soulsteal (Kills return 2 HP), Reject Order (10% chance to reduce incoming physical damage by 30%)
Legs – Armor (2 AC), Chase (2 movement towards enemies), Sidestep (25% chance to dodge ranged physical attacks)
Arms – Armor (2 AC), Execute (5 damage on enemies lower than half health), Counterstrike (25% chance to react with an autoattack when you take physical damage)
Left Hand – Armor (1 AC), Gap Closer (Once per combat free, reset 1 dash skill cooldown), Armguard (resist splash damage)
Right Hand – Armor (
1 AC), Hold (Once per combat reaction, interrupt enemy dash/teleport action), Shield Bash (Once per combat free, deal damage equal to your AC)
Neck – Armor (1 AC), True Vision (see invisible enemies), True Balance (cannot be knocked down or up)
Over – Armor (
1 AC), Flash (Once per combat reaction, teleport three spaces), Barrier (Once per combat reaction, completely nullify all incoming damage from a single hit)

Legendary Items:
Hydra Reaver- Once per combat major- Deal Xd10 dmg to all adjacent enemies, where X is the number of adjacent enemies
Cloak of Lightning- Once per combat major- Throw dagger at a target enemy or location, upon it connecting, bath yourself in lightning and rush to the location, dealing d4 physical + d6 lightning magic damage


One peaceful day while working at his family owned blacksmith store, Noxycs’s greatest fear came true. The great Falme empire in the west took over the last resisting country to take over the entire continent. Under their dystopian society, everyone’s life was miserable and they were all were basically slaves of the Falme. Noxycs’s two brothers were drafted into the Falmese army, who’s purpose was to go and take over neighboring continents. He was able to escape this nightmare but his parents were not so lucky. They sacrificed their lives so that he could go and live his life freely. Noxycs ended up in Rakthan after escaping. He now make weapons in his smithy to supply all of Lemuria, waiting for the eventual attack of the Falme. While waiting, Noxycs trains to become as strong as he can through any means possible. He hopes to one day liberate his home town and continent from the oppressive Falme, and hopefully find his two brothers.


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