Bartleby, the Scrivener



Lv 1 Skill – Siphon – Once per combat major- Drain d10 health from target enemy and heal target entity for the same amount. The cooldown on this skill resets after using a basic healing spell.
Lv 2 Skill – Healing Rain – Once per combat major – Heal all party members for 2d6 health
Lv 2 Skill – Flash Fire – Once per combat major – Damage all enemies for 2d6 fire damage
Lv 3 Skill – Divine Intervention – Once per combat major reaction – In response to damage being dealt to the user or an ally, heal that target fully and provide that target an additional, immediate turn.
Lv 3 Skill – Shackles of Hell – Once per combat major reaction – In response to damage being dealt to an enemy, amplify that damage by d6, and that target loses its next turn
Lv 3 Skill – Equilibrium – Passive – Upon reviving an ally, reset 1 other non-Ultimate skill cooldown
Lv 4 Skill – Antitoxin Spray – Once per combat major – Remedy all party members of any debilitating conditions. All party members are resistant to debilitating conditions until the third turn after this skill’s use.
Lv 4 Skill – Brand of Heaven – Once per combat major – Provide three random buffs to a party member. The size of these buffs depends on the missing health of the target
Lv 4 Skill – Blood Boil – Once per combat major – All enemies gain the Blood Boil condition. Blood Boil deals additional fire magic damage whenever the afflicted target takes any other source of damage. The damage taken scales upwards for each time that Blood Boil is triggered. Lv 4 Skill – Lethal Injection – Once per combat major – Roll success to instantly kill a target. Certain entities are resistant to instant kill skills.
Ultimate Skill – Prayer of the Unforgiven – 20 hour cooldown – You and another party member become Unforgiven. Unforgiven ignore all damage received. Unforgiven inflict double damage with all their attacks and skills. Unforgiven gain additional effects to all of their skills. Unforgiven get +3 to movement. When one Unforgiven takes a turn, the other Unforgiven may take an immediate turn simultaneously as well. After your third turn after this skill’s activation, Unforgiven become normal again, replenishing all health.

Arcane Artist:

Lv 1 Arcane Artist – Drawings are made of ink. Can draw objects and groups of objects. Can take a major action to start drawing something. Each drawing made has a Difficulty Check equal to the number of turns needed to draw it. Drawings in progress come into reality immediately after this DC requirement is met.
Lv 2 Arcane Artist – Drawings are solid, but 2D like paper. Can draw details. Can Prep 1 drawing outside of combat. Prepped drawing have a max DC of 2.
Lv 3 Arcane Artist – Drawings are solid and 3D but not made of their true material. Can draw details on people and settings. Can Prep 2 drawings outside of combat, with a max DC of 4.


Psionic Lv 1 Skill – Mind Break – Once per combat major – Use your enemy’s intellect against them, dealing Xd8 dark magic damage to a target, where X is that target’s Mind.
Psionic Lv 2 Skill – Confusion – Once per combat major – Make your enemy forget a skill of your choosing.
Psionic Lv 2 Skill – Psychic Shield – Once per combat major – You put a shield over yourself or a target ally, which completely nullifies all magic damage for 5 turns
Psionic Lv 3 Skill – Hypnotize – Once per combat major – Stop a target enemy’s movement, active and passive skill usage, and ability usage for X turns, where X is that target’s Mind.
Psionic Lv 3 Skill – Psybeam – Once per combat major – Deal Xd8 light magic damage in a line from your space, where X is the cumulative Mind stat of every enemy being hit by this skill.
Psionic Lv 3 Skill – Thought Penetration – Passive – If you deal magic damage that gets the elemental strength bonus, you do double damage instead. If you deal magic damage that gets the elemental weakness reduction, you do regular damage instead.
Psionic Lv 4 Skill – Meditation – Passive – Once per turn, you may use a minor action to cleanse an effect of your choosing from yourself. You may optionally use a major action to cleanse any number of effects of your choosing on yourself or a target ally, but if you do, Meditation is disabled for the rest of combat.
Lv 4 Skill – Brain Drain – Once per combat major – Remove any number of effects of your choosing on a target entity. Heal yourself for 3 HP for every buff removed this way.
Psionic Lv 4 Skill – Mental Resistance – Passive – When you take magic damage, you get a stack of Mental Resistance, which reduces incoming magic damage by that amount.
Psionic Lv 4 Skill – Mind Control – Once per combat major – Take control of a target enemy’s next turn. You may do what you want during that turn short of self-harm or inventory manipulation
Psionic Ultimate Skill – Thought Experiment – 20 hour cooldown – For the rest of combat, your enemies cannot use magic. Additionally, you may use any of the magic skills or abilities that your enemies could use. Enemies take double damage from their own stolen magic skills and abilities. You may ignore the effects of any items, skills, abilities, or natural defenses that would weaken, nullify, or prevent your own damage.

Combat Butler:

Combat Butler Lv 1 Skill – Milady’s Shadow – Passive – You may have your brawl attacks knock enemies back 1 space in any direction, and you may dash into the previously occupied space after the hit and any subsequent on hit reactions have resolved.


Across the vast desert, over the craggy hills lies the glorious kingdom of Kraithan. 25 years ago the royal family was fortunate to have a blessing bestowed upon them, a pair of twins born on the summer solstice. The entire family gathered together to witness their birth, a spectacle for the ages. The feast following their birth would have gone down in history. That is, if the tragic fire had not blemished the night. The vicious blaze of unknown origins ravaged the castle as the family slept, seemingly killing all of the royals. The country was in an outrage over what could have committed such an atrocity. A funeral was held for the royal family, but already there was talk of who would take over now. But on the night of the funeral, a man appeared, cloaked in a robe darker than midnight itself. It was the king’s single most trusted advisor, Kefka. From this robe he produced a baby, swaddled in similar cloth. “Here is your king, the only survivor of that tragic fire. “ he told the crowd. There were whispers at once, but no one contradicted him; Kefka was the king’s best friend, and must be telling the truth. Some of the onlooker’s noticed that the baby’s arms were black and burned, all the way up to his tiny elbows. “Sadly he did not escape unscathed,” Kefka added on. He then strolled over to the statue of the King, erected in memorial of his passing, and laid the baby down at the base. Kefka kissed the baby on the forehead, and disappeared into the night. Far away, on the other side of the desert, an elderly woman finds a baby, abandoned alongside a road. The woman had always yearned dearly for a child to call her own, but alas she was sterile. She peered upon the baby’s innocent face and felt her heart warm. She picked him up and brought him home, to raise. On the trip back she noticed a strange mark on the baby’s hand, a small indent shaped like a star. She did not know that this was a birthmark all royals of Kraithan carried.

Bartleby, the Scrivener

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