Aloysius Knight

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Golem Master:
Level 1 Golem Master – Can control up to two golems at a time
Level 2 Golem Master – Can control up to three golems at a time, and preparation in one turn is successful with at least a 7 on a success roll
Level 3 Golem Master – Can control up to four golems at a time, preparation in one turn is successful with at least a 6 on a success roll, and creating a golem is a minor action
Level 4 Golem Master – Can control up to five golems at a time, preparation will always be in one turn, creating a golem is a minor action, golems may be freely fused and separated with each other and with you.
Golem Master Mastery Skill – Philosopher’s Stone Unlock – Achieve the pinnacle of golem creation alchemy. Golems can be freely transformed into other types of golems. The soul of a golem type gains experience and levels up, gaining new traits and skills as it levels. Every golem of one type contributes to that golem type’s experience. Golems of different types that are fused have all the abilities of both, plus an additional ability based on the golem’s composition.

Time Mage:
Time Mage Lv 1 Skill – Time Warp – Once per combat major – Briefly freeze time, and reposition yourself and your allies to different locations that are at most three spaces from their original positions.
Time Mage Lv 2 Skill – Haste – Once per combat major – Give target two turns instead of one when their next turn occurs.
Time Mage Lv 2 Skill – Slow – Once per combat major – Target loses its next turn.
Time Mage Lv 3 Skill – Hibernate – Once per combat major – Briefly speed up time for your own body, regenerating your wounds and healing for d20.
Time Mage Lv 3 Skill – Hyper Aging – Once per combat major – Use your magic to make an ally older, doubling their max health for the rest of combat. If that ally’s health falls below their original max health, their max health is reverted to normal.
Time Mage Lv 3 Skill – Back to the Past – Once per combat major reaction- At the end of any target ally or enemy’s turn, you may reverse time and force that target to redo their turn, but they cannot do any of the same actions they did the first time through
Time Mage Lv 4 Skill – Decompose – Once per combat major – Advance time to allow a target enemy’s wounds to fester, dealing Xd10 dark magic damage where X scales upwards based on the target’s missing health.
Time Mage Lv 4 Skill – Generation Shift – Once per combat major reaction – This skill may be used at any time. Briefly blink the entire party from the current timeline, avoiding everything during the blink.
Time Mage Lv 4 Skill – Rapid Training – Once per combat major – Target ally or minion gets extra time to train their body, dealing double damage with their next attack.
Time Mage Lv 4 Skill – Quicken – Passive – When you take damage, you may take an immediate minor action.
Time Mage Ultimate Skill – Freeze Time – 20 hour cooldown – Take control of the flow of time, allowing the entire party to take a turn simultaneously. No one can activate an ultimate skill during this time freeze. Enemies cannot use reactions during this time freeze.

Windrider Lv 1 Skill – Breeze Blitz – Passive – Instead of doing a normal move action, you may dash any number of spaces.
Windrider Lv 2 Skill – Backdraft – Once per combat major – Knock every enemy three spaces away from you, and draw every ally three spaces towards you.
Windrider Lv 2 Skill – Storm System – Once per combat major – Deal Xd10 air magic damage to all enemies up to two spaces away from you, where X is equal to the number of allies nearby (this will include your minions). All enemies hit with this are knocked up.
Windrider Lv 3 Skill – Sky Uppercut – Passive – Any time an enemy is knocked up, you may launch yourself into the air and strike the enemy for d12 air magic damage.
Windrider Lv 3 Skill – Skyrocket – Once per combat major – Knock an enemy into the air and deal 2d12 air magic damage. The cooldown of this skill resets when you use three minors.
Windrider Lv 3 Skill – Puff of Wind – Passive – At the end of your turn, knock up any adjacent enemies.
Windrider Lv 4 Skill – Ride the Lightning – Once per combat major – Turn into a ball of lightning and dash up to 9 spaces, dealing 5d8 lightning magic damage to every enemy you pass through.
Windrider Lv 4 Skill – Veil of Winds – Passive – Adjacent enemies who damage you are knocked up at the end of their turn.
Windrider Lv 4 Skill – Tornado – Once per combat major – Knock up all enemies in combat and deal 5d7 air magic damage to each of them.
Windrider Lv 4 Skill – Hurricane – Once per combat major – Deal 7d7 air magic damage and 6d8 lightning magic damage to all knocked up enemies.
Windrider Ultimate Skill – Skyhawk – 20 hour cooldown – You and your minions can fly. You have a 50% chance of dodging incoming damage. Your physical attacks now deal air magic damage instead. Knocked up enemies lose all magic resist when you hit them. When you pass by an enemy for the first time in your turn, you can use a skill or ability for free without putting that skill on cooldown and without interrupting your movement.

Infiltrator Lv 1 Skill – Stealth – Once per combat free – Turn invisible, and increase your agility by 3.
Infiltrator Lv 2 Skill – Cloaking Field – Once per combat free – You and the entities around you (all eight spaces) all go invisible, and gain double damage if they attack out of stealth.
Infiltrator Lv 2 Skill – Spectre – Passive – While invisible, you completely resist all damage and effects placed upon you.


As the son of an alchemist, Aloysius was expected to continue his father’s business. Eighteen years. For 18 long years, he studied the art of alchemy. Of course, he learned well and become proficient, but he hoped every day for something different. Alchemy was not his dream. So the day the draft notice for military service arrived, he was thrilled.

It was not the best, but being in the military sure beat the endless alchemy lessons. After some time as a basic solider, Aloysius was promoted to an airship pilot. The freedom! The ability to be up in the air! The world’s problems were so small from up high. Even as a pilot, though, he found that the military was not his dream either. Someone else was still telling him what to do. But he couldn’t just quit. He was not going back home.

So one day, Aloysius planned an escape. Getting up very early, he snuck out of the barracks, went to his airship, and flew away in it. Since then, he has flown far and wide, stealing whatever he needs. Over the years, he gathered a crew and commandeered a much larger ship. As a free-roaming pirate, he was finally content.

Aloysius Knight

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