Adolamin Warg


When Adolamin was 2 years old, he was found in the woods by a disgraced priest, Mahad, and his beloved wife, Noor. Although he seemed like a normal baby, he had a strange birth mark on his back in a shape of a skull, which was rumored to belong to a royal bloodline from an ancient city. When Mahad and Noor found Adolamin, he was cloaked by a dark aura that was killing everything around him. After successfully removing the dark aura, Mahad and Noor raised him as their own along with their daughter. As Adolamin was growing up under the care of Mahad and Noor, they taught him everything they knew about magic, but Adolamin only excelled in dark and light magic.

On Adolamin’s 15th birthday, the demon lord Choronzon, ambushed and killed his whole adopted family in front of him and gave him a Zombie-tattoo on his chest. Before leaving, Choronzon absorbed all of the souls and told Adolamin, “This stigma that I put on you, Boy, will slowly spread throughout your body until it covers you whole. And at that moment, you will lose all of your freewill and become one of my minions.” Upon seeing the despair well up in Adolamin’s eyes, Choronzon smirked. “Scared? If you want to save your humanity, then hunt me. Despise me. But that won’t be enough to kill me and save your family. You still lack your true father’s Zulfiqar.” In a vortex of blood and darkness, Choronzon departed, leaving his words ringing in Adolamin’s ears.

After that day, Adolamin set out to find his biological family and to avenge his real family…

Adolamin Warg

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