Kraithan or Bust

The Story Thus Far III
Part 3: Revenge

Year 1, Month 4 – Somewhere in the land of Calathan

The party has been traveling for weeks now, trying to get away from Calathan as quickly as possible. They avoid any villages they run into, and make their way deep into the mountains northeast of Calathan. There they happen upon Prime Dungeon, a mystical crypt guarded by a large stone monkey. The monkey seems to be able to speak, and asks for the password. On its head are the words, “The password is banana.” Saying banana does not seem to open the door, and eventually the party figures out that they need to make the monkey say the password. After successfully doing so, they enter the dungeon.

The Story Thus Far II
Part 2: Finding Our Own Way

Having been reunited in the Calathian dungeons, the party escapes through weakened sections of the cell ceilings. Their first order of business is to get back their equipment, but as they are discussing how to go about doing this, they hear guards coming from the stairs. Climbing back into the area above the room, they set up an ambush and dispatch the guards, then steal their clothes and armor and impersonate them. This allows them to take the entire party throughout the castle in search of their equipment under the guise of taking prisoners to be tortured. They find their equipment in a storage room and escape the castle quickly.

Once they are in town, they use the precious small amount of time that they have before Lucian find out they’ve escaped to gather as much information as possible, interested in finding a way to further thwart his plans. They learn of a party Lucian is throwing that night for the Calathian nobility and decide to sabotage it. Dressing up as nobles and as kitchen workers, they infiltrate the party (Houka throws an impressive bitch fit). At the banquet, Lucian announces his plans to invade Rakthan and declare war, eloquently avoiding revealing his true intentions behind this decision. The party narrowly manages to elude Lucian’s notice and sneak up to the second floor of the castle, where they find and retrieve the Golden Orb. They then hightail it out of the castle and leave the city just as the wanted notices are going up all over the place.

Happy Birthday to Barbs!!!

Today, October 25, 2014, marks the one year anniversary of us starting Barbarians of Lemuria. Since then, our campaign has exploded into an amazingly intricate and entertaining world, and it wouldn’t be what it is without you guys. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to create this campaign, and thank you for sticking through all this time with me on this adventure. To all of you who played since last October and all of you who joined us along the way, I hope that we can continue this for years to come!

-Your DM, Adam

The Story Thus Far
Part 1: Beginning with Betrayal

Year 1, Month 1 – Calathan

The party, which consists of Dakvas, Bartleby, the Scrivener, Drenieon, Sir Porkwaffles, Phaxnsette, Houka, and Hawk Greyveil, forms in the bustling city of Calathan, a place many adventurers gather due to its central location on Lemuria. In preparation for their adventures they visit the markets in downtown Calathan, picking up some basic equipment, tools, and rations. Somehow, having not frequented this part of town often, they get horribly lost and find themselves in a dark alley. Coming to a dead end, they turn around to try and backtrack, but are set upon by very unkempt thugs, who are easily defeated. Just as more thugs pour out of nearby buildings to assist their fallen comrades, knights on horseback ride in and dispatch the thugs. They are the knights of the city guard, and they make the necessary arrests. They are led by none other than the King of Calathan, Lucian IV. An old but energetic leader, he personally saves the party from the thugs, and it just so happens that he’s been looking for adventurers for a special job.

The party follows Lucian back to his castle, in the heart of the city. Lucian has gathered adventurers across the land and when the party reaches his castle he finally begins to unveil his plan. He tells everyone that the neighboring kingdom of Rakthan is planning to unleash war upon Calathian lands, and that a preemptive strike is necessary to avert crisis. He sends the adventurers out on missions towards this end. The party is tasked with routing a supply caravan in the woods, and they set off immediately.

The party reaches the road that cuts through the woods, spotting the caravan that is heading west towards Rakthan. They are surprised that the caravan is not guarded by the soldiers they were expecting, but young boys. In response, they ignore their orders to kill everyone on sight and use stealth to dispatch the boys leading the caravan. They find lots of food within the caravans, and lists of families that the food is supposed to go to. Bartleby writes up fake documents to reroute the food to Calathian villages, and the party returns to Calathan.

When they return, Lucian asks them how their mission went, and they lie about killing the people there. Lucian congratulates them on a job well done and immediately hands over the next assignment, claiming that this one is of a higher priority. The party is handed a scroll and given a location, and the scroll is sealed, only to unlock upon their arrival. The party travels to the village of Lysidia that they’ve been asked to go to and break the seal. Their assignment is to raze the place to the ground and to slaughter its inhabitants, paying special attention to the women and children who are supposedly learning dark magic to use against Calathan. In fact, there are already adventurers from Calathan there, setting fire to a school. They have the students and teachers cornered. Dakvas, Houka, Porkwaffles, and Drenieon intervene, slaying the other adventurers, while the rest of the party abstains from combat. After defeating their fellow adventurers, the party questions the people of the village, who claim to have no real loyalty to the Rakthian papacy nor knowledge of any dark arts.

Disillusioned by the tasks they’ve been sent to due, the party begins to question King Lucian’s actions. After talking to the villagers they decide to investigate Lucian’s plans further before working for him any longer. They find out that Lucian has had special interest in a nearby mine shaft and decide that exploring it will be their next goal. Drenieon and Hawk split from the party to go back to Calathan to question Lucian about his actions, and the rest of the party goes to the mine shaft.

When Drenieon and Hawk arrive at Calathan Castle, they immediately confront Lucian. Lucian realizes that the party is starting to catch on to his schemes, so he calls his guards and arrests Drenieon and Hawk. They are sent to the dungeons beneath the castle.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party ventures to the mine shaft that they heard about from the villagers in Lysidia. They expect to find Calathian soldiers or workers, but the place is mysteriously empty. They venture in, battling spiders throughout the mine shaft, in search of what lies within that Lucian wants so badly. Some of the spiders have legs covered in gold for some reason, which Dakvas collects along the way. At the deepest part of the cave, the party battles a giant golden spider and defeats it. The pools of water in this part of the cave seem to turn objects into gold, and upon further investigation, the party find a glowing golden orb at the bottom of a pool which seems to be causing this effect. They carefully retrieve the orb, only to be set upon suddenly by Lucian and several warriors dressed in black: Calathian elite assassins. Lucian demands that the party hand over the orb, which they refuse, so he orders his soldiers to arrest them. The party is rejoined in the dungeons beneath Calathan Castle, awaiting their demise.


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